Just like anything else, cars get old and without proper maintenance and repairs, car owners will be forced to replace them.  And here comes the importance of finding good auto repair shops near your place.

In the following, we will present a few of the most important things to consider when looking for Lakewood automotive repair shops.

  • Use online resources

There are sites providing up-to-date lists with car shops in every state. You can find shop names and locations and you can also get customer ratings, telephone number, working hours, maps and directions.

  • Look for certifications and good references

A good car repair shop must be certified and have experienced and ASE-certified technicians. Shop managers should be willing to show you proof of credentials if you ask for it, otherwise do not trust them and look for other shops. Credentials, as well as affiliations, are indicators of professionalism. Read reviews on different sites and ask around for recommendations.

  • Visit different auto shops in your area and observe the level of organization and cleanliness

A respectable shop has a proper waiting area, customers are greeted and treated respectfully and everything proves an attitude focused on customer service and satisfaction. If a car repair shop doesn’t seem to care for the way customers are treated, you have the right to wonder very seriously how is it going to care for your vehicle`s safety. Image matters, and this goes for any business.

  • Make sure that the mechanics abide by good work ethic

They should be transparent, consult with the customers every step of the way, make no repair without authorization, provide written estimates and ask for a fair price, without hidden charges. If an estimate of a few hundred dollars ends to cost a few thousand dollars it means that you are being scammed. Also, if working components of your car suddenly do not work anymore while the car is in the maintenance or repair process, you should look for another shop – at least for receiving a second opinion.

  • Ask about warranties

A fair warranty is an indicator that the repair shop stands behind the service provided to its clients. Warranties for new parts are significantly longer than warranties offered for generic replacement parts or rebuilt parts, but they translate into higher quality services and durability that will help you save money in the long run.

  • Look for quality up-to-date equipment

Reliable auto repair shops should have scanners, computers and online computer systems, diagnosis software, lab scopes, digital volt-ohm meters etc.  The absence of proper equipment can raise the costs in the long run, due to improper diagnose.

  • Make sure that your car will be fixed in a reasonable repair timeframe

In this case, “reasonable” means days, not weeks, even if we are talking about major repairs.

Some trusted shops even provide their customers access to loaner vehicles until their cars are ready to be used, to make the auto repair experience less stressful and inconvenient.

Based on this information, you can compare several shops and pick up the best one to entrust your vehicle to.