Collision Technology and Its Relevance for the Future of the Automotive Industry

While many still believe that the cars of the future will be controlled by advanced AI and that we will gradually stop seeing any car accidents or malfunctions whatsoever, once the technology is advanced enough, the realistic conclusion when considering the direction of the automotive industry is that the near future will not see any such progress. In fact, the number of collisions and crashes is likely to grow to a great extent, as more and more people are buying and using cars to an increasingly greater extent.

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The Advancement of Collision Technology

Collision technology deals with restoring vehicles that have been part of a crash or a collision. In many cases, of course, these vehicles are extremely hard to repair, and most of their parts have to be replaced entirely. However, sometimes this isn’t the case, and you’ll see that there is really a lot that an experienced and skilled collision repair specialist, with quality automotive schooling, can do with the right equipment and good enough technology.

The technology itself continues to advance, and we are rapidly reaching a time when reconstructing the body of a car or rebuilding special parts that can no longer be found and are no longer manufactured will be possible in most collision repair shops. Advanced technology like 3D printing, as well as constantly improving techniques for painting, re-coating, removing and repairing dented and damaged body components and many more are already available to make the work of a collision tech specialist easier.

Of course, the technology is still continuing to improve, and there is still a lot of work to be done before some of the more challenging collision cases can be handled in a practical way and without having to pay a fortune. However, with the progress that has already been made in recent years, the process of reconstructing and refinishing crashed vehicles is far easier to work on and to learn, than it was in the past few years and decades.

Why Collision Technology Is a Thing of the Future

The relevance of this technology will keep growing as the automotive industry continues to expand. Even though automakers keep producing more complex vehicles with a better ability to avoid crashes, collisions still occur worldwide on a daily basis, and the number of overall collision continues to grow because the number of cars on the road is growing as well. So, despite all the technology that you get as part of newly purchased, newly built cars and vehicles, collisions at both high and low speeds continue to remain a big problem.

The other issue is that, as the automotive industry speeds up, older cars are rapidly becoming less and less tolerated, and nowadays some automakers might stop producing some of their models shortly after they are first launched. So, if your car is older than 5 years or so, chances are that you’ll find it harder to locate the necessary parts to fix it, if it was part of a collision. With collision technology, custom parts can be produced and integrated into the vehicle’s system and structure as replacements, and even the rarest cars can be fully restored to their former state, as if the crash they were subjected to has never even happened.