Custom Mufflers – Benefits and Main Types


The factory-made exhaust system your car comes equipped with when it leaves the manufacturer’s facility might be perfectly functional, yet many car owners choose to replace their stock exhausts with custom mufflers – here are a few benefits of special pipes.


Improved Engine Performance and Fuel Economy


Custom-made mufflers are usually designed to give your engine more torque and more horsepower. Special exhaust systems allow for better air circulation, allowing your engine to get more air and therefore perform better. An engine that performs better will burn fuel more efficiently, so your customized exhaust can efficiently reduce the fuel consumption of your car.


Enhanced Durability


Custom-made exhaust systems are usually designed to meet your special requirements and are manufactured from materials of higher quality, which makes them look better and last longer.


A Deeper Roar and Better Looks


The performance improvement you get with customized mufflers can not only be felt when you press on the acceleration – it can also be heard and seen. That deep, loud roar that you hear when a sports car accelerates is achieved not only with the help of the high-capacity engine, but also with the special exhaust pipe – while you don’t necessarily want to replace the engine in your car, having custom-made mufflers does not entail forbidding costs, so you can easily make your engine’s voice deeper by replacing the exhaust.  While you’re at it, catalytic converters, should be on your list to replace too!


Custom pipes are also shinier and more aggressive-looking that factory parts – if you want to add a little sportiness to the appearance of your car, special chromed exhausts are for you.


Giving You Better Emissions Test Results


One of the principle causes of failed emissions tests is the fault of the exhaust pipes. Rusty or bent exhausts and mufflers that have holes can alter the results of the test and while in most cases it is possible to correct the fault with some welding work, it is usually a better idea to get the faulty muffler replaced completely.


Types of Exhaust Systems with Custom Mufflers


You have several options if you want to replace the factory exhaust system on your car – here are the three major types of custom exhausts:

  • Axle-back – these systems include the components between the rear axle and the tailpipe. This affordable solution can be expected to improve looks and sound, but it does not significantly influence performance and fuel efficiency,
  • Cat-back systems – this solutions includes the parts between the catalytic converter and the tailpipe. It will improve sound and appearance and it will also improve performance and consumptions to a certain extent,
  • Header back – this is the most expensive solution of them all. It replaces the parts from the header to the tailpipe and it improves performance, looks, sound and fuel economy as well.


If you want to make sure your custom-made mufflers are chosen and installed properly, turn to professionals – your mechanic will know exactly how to calculate the dimensions of your pipes to get the most out of them and they will also know how to install the new exhaust system properly.